Tips on How to Get Your Clients To DO Cardio

Tips on How to Get Your Clients To DO Cardio

As a fitness coach or trainer, you recognize the importance of cardiovascular exercise. Unfortunately, getting your clients to do cardio isn’t always as easy as telling them, “Do 45 minutes of incline treadmill walking today.” But what can you do? How do you convince clients that cardio is good for them and make them more […]

Useful Tips For Fitness Trainers and Coaches

Learning how to grow as a personal trainer or fitness coach can be overwhelming. There are many tips and numerous paths you can embark upon. Fortunately, there are some best practices you can follow to set yourself on the right path. With that in mind, let’s review four invaluable tips for new personal trainers and […]

Is Online Fitness Training a Good Way to Scale Up

Is Online Fitness Training a Good Way to Scale Up

Like most people, you’ve probably realized that you can only do so much productive work before you’re exhausted. Whether that’s 6, 8, 10, or 12 hours, you have a limit, and anything above that simply becomes unsustainable. But that presents an issue: How do you scale a fitness business without working more hours? It might […]

Progression Strategies to Get Your Clients Strong

Progression Strategies to Get Your Clients Strong

As a fitness coach, you’ve undoubtedly met your fair share of clients whose primary goal is to get stronger. The question is, how to make your client strong and what are some good strategies you can employ? Let’s discuss. First, The Basics Just as a building needs a solid foundation to stand tall and pride, […]

How to Support a Client Who Is Dealing With An Injury

Client who is dealing injury

Guiding fitness clients to success can be a considerable challenge, especially when they are dealing with an injury. Luckily, there are effective tactics to deal with the situation and keep providing value. Read on because we’ll review how to deal with an injured athlete. Determine the Severity of the Injury Determining the severity of the […]

How to Get More Fitness Training Clients

Have you ever wondered how to market your online fitness business? There are plenty of options to pick from, but which ones are most effective? Read on because we’ll review six ways to get more personal training clients. Let’s dive in. Set Clear Expectations Customer satisfaction in any field is heavily reliant on clear expectations. […]

Why Clients Need a Solid Exercise Plan For Best Results

As a coach, you’re bound to come across clients that aren’t interested in having a workout plan or struggle to follow the one you provide. Part of your job is to explain the importance of a solid exercise plan and why going with the flow is not a good long-term strategy. Let’s discuss why that […]

How to Track Client Fitness Progress Effectively

Fitness Tracking App

Getting your clients to eat well and train hard is obvious. After all, these are two of the things that make the most significant difference in health and fitness. But a third thing people often forget is progress tracking. Your client might have a plan, but tracking progress is necessary to determine if they are […]

How to Keep Your Clients From Overtraining (And Why You Should)


Working out is about balance. We must do enough training to push the needle forward but not so much that we start feeling run down. A common issue trainers face is prescribing the right amount of exercise and keeping their clients accountable to prevent overtraining. Read on to find out what overtraining is, why it […]

How to Explain the Importance of Recovery to New Clients

Personal Trainer Explains to Clients

Working with a new client can be great on many fronts. You get to meet someone new, teach them about fitness, and help them reach their goals. Another benefit is that new clients tend to be more enthusiastic and receptive to tips. In many cases, such people are eager to jump head-first into a demanding […]