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Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely! We want you to make the recipes your own. All of our existing recipes are coming into PDF, PPT, and Canva so you can choose to either edit them or use them as they are. You can easily add your logo, change the text, colours.. it’s yours!

Once you are a member, you will need to login and access to the member area where you can instantly download the recipe booklets as well as high-quality images.

If you purchase one of our one-time purchase booklets, you will have access to them on your member’s area forever. If you are on a monthly subscription, the new recipes will be uploaded every 28th of the month, giving you a few days to brand them for the upcoming month. Thus, make sur to download all your documents before the new month starts so that they are yours forever.

On the monthly membership, you get 15 new professional recipes per month. On the one-time purchase booklets, you get 30 recipes in each booklet.

Once you are a member, you get the rights to use the recipes with your clients and even resell them if you wish to. However, you are NOT allowed to sell or give away the resell rights or use any of our content to create a competitive product (or authorise a third party to do so).