Why Diet Is As Important As Training

Many clients expect their coaches to provide them with a training plan that will solve all of their issues. Of course, a good workout plan can deliver many benefits, but it alone is not enough. Good nutrition is equally important for making the best fitness progress and improving one’s health. Let’s discuss why that is. […]

The Importance of Consuming Enough Protein

Food with high nutrition

A significant challenge trainers face is getting their clients to eat enough protein. So, today’s article will look at the importance of protein and how you can present the information to clients, urging them to increase their intake. Let’s dive in What Is Protein? Proteins are organic molecules made of amino acids––the building blocks of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Calorie Deficit

Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight by LUM

Have you ever wondered what makes weight loss successful? Do you ever feel like some of your clients lose weight with greater ease than others? If so, you’re in luck because we’ll be going over the number one requirement for weight loss, which is the calorie deficit. Without further ado, let’s dive in, see what […]

3 Pillars of Nutritional Success for Any Fitness Goals

Fitness Nutrition by LUM

Nutrition can be a complex topic to understand, apply, and communicate to your clients. Luckily for us, there are three pillars that make a nutritional approach successful, regardless of the fitness goal. Once you’ve covered the fundamentals, all we need is to tweak the variables to reach success. Let’s explore. Pillar 1: Caloric Mindfulness While […]

Ways To Track Macros Without a Scale or an App

Calculating macros or macronutrient by LUM

Like most people, you’ve probably heard of macronutrient, if it fits your macros (IIFYM), flexible dieting, and everything related to the topic. You’re also likely familiar with the approach’s effectiveness, versatility, and practicality. But, like many, you’re probably wondering: “Using a kitchen scale and an app to track my macros feels a bit obsessive for […]

Introduction to Macronutrient

Introduction to Macronutrient or Macros

With the rise of flexible dieting and if it fits your macros (IIFYM), terms like ‘macronutrient’ and ‘macros’ have grown in popularity. It’s almost impossible to consume fitness-related content without coming across these terms in one context or another. But what exactly are macronutrients, and why should we care about them? Let’s explore. What are […]