In-Person Coaching – How to Get Your Clients to Listen

In-Person Coaching - How to Get Your Clients to Listen

One common roadblock for trainers and coaches is getting clients to listen. New coaches generally struggle more, but even experienced trainers can fail to connect with some clients. To that end, here are three ways to make coaching more engaging and get every client to listen and apply everything you say. Let’s discuss. 1. Don’t […]

How to Teach Your Clients to Breathe and Brace Correctly

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How to teach your clients to breathe is really important to put their trust on you as a Coach. If you’ve ever worked with a gym newbie, you probably realized two things: First, they don’t know how to breathe correctly during exercise. Second, they don’t take the time to brace and prepare themselves for a […]

Why The Weight Scale Does Not Tell the Full Story

Tracking body weight can be valuable, but most people go about it the wrong way, which often results in frustration and confusion. Today’s post will cover why the weight scale doesn’t tell the whole story and what that means for you and your clients. Let’s dive in. The Weight Scale: A Double-Edged Sword Tracking body […]

Training Around An Injury – How to Do It Safely

Keeping your clients safe should be your number one priority. Unfortunately, injuries can occur for many reasons, including poor technique, over-reliance on specific exercises, and more. Today’s post will explore how to keep your clients training around an injury to maintain some fitness. Reduce the Weight and Slow Down the Tempo The first way to […]

Signs Your Client Is Not Eating As Much As They Should

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Working with clients can be a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, your job is to provide the best possible plan and guidance they need to achieve their goals. So long as clients follow your recommendations, they will reach their goals. But, on the other hand, we have the issue of following through. You might […]

The Gut and Brain Connection

Gut Brain Connection by LUM

At first glance, the gut and brain seem as close as our planet and the moon. Sure, the brain is vital for our mental health, and we can argue that it dictates many processes in the body. But being connected to the gut? The truth is, your brain is connected to your gut, and the […]