How to Keep Your Clients From Overtraining (And Why You Should)


Working out is about balance. We must do enough training to push the needle forward but not so much that we start feeling run down. A common issue trainers face is prescribing the right amount of exercise and keeping their clients accountable to prevent overtraining. Read on to find out what overtraining is, why it […]

How to Explain the Importance of Recovery to New Clients

Personal Trainer Explains to Clients

Working with a new client can be great on many fronts. You get to meet someone new, teach them about fitness, and help them reach their goals. Another benefit is that new clients tend to be more enthusiastic and receptive to tips. In many cases, such people are eager to jump head-first into a demanding […]

How to Determine What Goals Your New Clients Should Pursue

A significant source of frustration for people new to fitness is the inability to determine what goals to pursue.  Of course, determining an objective can sometimes be easy. For example, if a very overweight person starts working with you, one of your first suggestions would be to get them on a weight loss plan. Unfortunately, […]