How to Get More Fitness Training Clients

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Have you ever wondered how to market your online fitness business? There are plenty of options to pick from, but which ones are most effective?

Read on because we’ll review six ways to get more personal training clients.

Let’s dive in.

Set Clear Expectations

Customer satisfaction in any field is heavily reliant on clear expectations. As a fitness trainer, your first job should be to clearly and precisely describe your services and products.

Any potential client should understand what they can expect from you, how you can help them, and what is expected of them.

Too many clients grow uninterested precisely because expectations get violated, and clear boundaries are not established from the start.

Develop Your Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is a fancy way of describing your ideal client: their goals, struggles, frustrations, fears, age, and more.

Here are some questions to help you design your customer avatar:

  • What are their goals and values?
  • What confuses and frustrates them?
  • What do they need to do to get results?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their fitness level?

Display Your Value

As the saying goes, “Give, and you will receive.”

Before ever hoping to build a successful fitness training business, you must establish yourself as an expert by providing value.

You might know that you’re a good coach, and your friends might vouch for you, but why should a stranger trust you? Would you trust someone without knowing if they could genuinely help you? That’s right––you probably wouldn’t.

So, before ever hoping to build an impressive roster of clients, provide value for free. Doing so would show people that you know what you’re talking about and can help them reach their goals.

Good options include:

  • Write articles
  • Record videos for Youtube
  • Set up a social media account and share valuable tips

Someone might not be ready to work with you now, but staying on top of mind can make the person more likely to reach out in the future.

Turn Your Clients Into Brand Advocates

In addition to providing good content for free, you should turn your existing clients into brand advocates.

For example, if you’ve helped a client reach a goal, ask to share progress people with potential clients. You can crop the person’s face if they don’t feel comfortable. Also, ask the person to say a few good words and publish the testimonial on social media and your website.

Start Locally…

Gaining traction online can be challenging if people don’t know who you are. So, instead of trying to build a presence online, start locally.

For example, working at a gym would allow you to recruit some clients and display your expertise. Helping a few people reach their goals builds social proof, making it easier to land new clients.

…And Expand

Once you’ve built some presence locally, expand on the internet. The advantage here is that you will have some testimonials from previous clients, which would make you more trustworthy.

As for marketing channels, social media is a good option, but you can also set up a website and Youtube channel to reach a wider audience. Remember to provide value first before pitching your services.

As far as where to post personal training ads, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be good options.


There you have it: six answers to the questions of how to make an impact in the personal trainer market and how to get more online personal training clients.

Each of these tactics offers unique benefits, but combining them is where the true magic lies.

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